Pécs, Ifiház aula



When visited Hungary last time I was in Szigetvár. My hosts went with me to a concert of Aurora. I had already saw and heared them live once at the Rock Marathon in Pécs last year. Because that was a good experience, I was happy to go to them again.

I've heared they got a new drummer in the band and because I liked the "old" drummer's playing so much, I was curious who could replaced him in the band?

I remembered the concert which was good, and had the pleasure to talk and drink with them afterwards, and than already I found them really nice and relaxed guys. There was a new cd of them, so curious to that also we went on our way to Pécs!

Already coming in the concertplace I saw the band members in the hall, where they where with the merchandising and the greeting was warm right away from the guy's, for my Szigetvár friends and me! I even was offered from Vigi the new cd called 'Türéshatáron Túl' which I accepted with pride of course!! Thank you Vigi!! I also heared from Vigi that the new drummer was his own son!! .. (more curious I became ...)

Also had a nice and long conversation with Szabolcs, really a very nice and warm person, so the feeling was more than good already, and greeting Galacs also was nice.

Than the concert, ofcourse many punk young kids, so no first row for us, but from where we stood all was good to see and to hear ... The Aurora style started right from the sart, and the catchy rythem made me not be able to stand still ...

I don't know all the numbers, but they went on as a train, and already after few songs I was more than happy with the new drummer's performing! Fast as a machinegun, and concentrated to the others, and with Galacs steady rythem bassplaying, they both where able to keep the rythem in line.

Ofcourse Szabolcs rythem guitar (nice model) did the fireing up for Vigi, and the Trumpet!! Waaauw!! Was waiting for that! Goes so well in their music ...

Vigi with the voice and guitar in front, really nice as he performed on the stage, so it was a real heavy music evening. The younsters in front got rough, and we had to move some backwards, but no problems at all, so the atmosphere was good on the floor.

Many new songs where played, and it was over much to soon in my opinion, but good as it was, another nice memory of a really nice band, with even more nice guys ... And to Róra I can only say ... My compliments for your performance ...really awsome drumming ...really!!

Coming home to Holland I played the cd, many times, specially in my car, and ofcourse very loud!! Two songs I want to mention, I so like them both, 'Ide oda sehova' Waaauw!! And 'Kiváncsi lennék rá' Super!!!! For a while it stay's in my car cd player, to play loud!!

Thank you guys so much for the CD and we shall meet again somewhere ... Be sure!!

Burney for Csilla

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