Hoogland, Holland de Noot


Bernard Allison

It was Bluestime again in my favorite Blues Café. Mr. Bernard Allison and his Band were there to play. The only concert in Holland of course on his own request, in de NOOT

It was not the first time Bernard Allison played there and certainly it will not be the last time. Both, the artist and the audiance (it was a sold out gig) were enjoying these Allison evenings. OK, he is the son of the Great Luther Allison but Bernard play's his own style in the Blues. Sometimes funky, sometimes with the feeling in the slow Blues, but always smiling. Really, the smile was there during the whole concert because he loves to play in clubs like De Noot.

There was the new CD (called: Chills & Thrills, jazzhaus records), of which they played several tracks from and of course some of his old songs, which I personally liked so much "It's a man down there" - he brings that song with so much expression on his face, so, you can understand the song by just looking at Bernard ... as the entertainer he is, he played with the audiance, in letting his guitar speak and tried that way to have a date with some woman in front of the stage ...

Bernard also is a master in playing slide and during a slide song after the break he went into the audiance and made a trip thru whole the concertplace, together witch his smile ...

Bernard Allison

As a tribute he played the favourite song of his father, called "Ami" and the chickenskin was there, so much feeling in a song...

One other nice thing, his band is not to forget, and it is always a pleasure to see and hear his Bassplayer, called Jassen Wilbur. He put out his shoes and on his socks, he was playing so easily in all. His face during that playing is a wonderful thing to see... During his solo act he played his Bass like a solo guitar.

So, you all understand that the pleasure came that evening from both sides, and after his encore he mixed in the audiance and had a long afterparty with everybody...

Only a pity that in his new style on stage I mean, there is no more place for his formal "Dandy way of dressing" and he also did not wear anymore his famous "Double snakehead" hat.

But if every there is a chance to go and listen to this Blues man in the soul, than go... and it will not be regretted

Burney for Csilla

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