The idea and name of this site was born years ago. "Parents" were my youngsters who often asked me about bands and gigs. Kids grew up and they're going their own way. When we meet usually have a great time. I also learn their music but situation remained the same: they're just smiling ... Csilla's music again ... :)

The Kids

Csilla's music

Mostly blues or blues related music but I also take excursions into other styles for example: rock, folk, jazz and even punk music.


My friends who deal with music often say that I shouldn't admire all starting small bands who make rather a noise than music. Yes, I really like them because these young and sometimes old non-professional music people who play after a hard working day cause me much fun. Of course I don't refuse listening stars as well ... :)


I'd like to call everyone's attention on some smaller or bigger gigs. It's no matter that you don't live in Hungary but you can fall into a great happening also on Monday evening. Sometimes these concerts are taken just in front of a small audience and news goes just mouth by mouth ... I enjoy these concerts and if somebody join to me even better ... the only problem: how to be at 2-3 places in the same time ... if you know the solution please tell me!


As I'm not a professional photographer and I have only a cheap camera my pics serve illustration of events. Inspite of the weak quality you want to use them - use them feel free but you'd made me happy not removing my logo.


My news consists recommendations , reviews and notices . I try to collect as much useful information as I can but my reviews are rather subjectiv blogs than real concert reviews. Nowadays, due to lack of free time I just try to keep my promise.


I started to write reviews in 2004. Sorry, because of my weak English these reviews are written mostly in Hungarian.


My favourite netradios, clubs, festivals, bands and sites are collected here


I cannot race with hardcore Rory Gallagher fans but I'd like to remember my favourite guitar player


I found a special music soulmate in Holland. His short reviews and his pics are here