Waalwijk, de Tavenu


Jeremy Aussems

Before the concert of Julian Sas on that evening there was a band called Jeremy and the Groovebreakers to warm up the audiance. The Singer / Guitar player Jeremy Aussems only 15 years old. He's a very talented guitarplayer and like Hungarian Katona Tamás Jr he also plays in the spirit of Stevie Ray Vaughan, aldo some Hendrix also can be played by him.

He started so energetic with Scuttle Buttin, and we knew, it would be more than allright on the stage with the young guy.

His new Band members Rico Hagemeijer on Bass and Ad Rozen on drums had it all under control in the rhythm, so Jeremy could play with his feeling and the rhythm section followed him perfectly in it.

To see a young guy play like Jeremy did... during Texas Flood his Fender was sharp and the short tones came out so well. So it was just more than a warm up for a big act to follow.

I hope they develope in things more with this line up but the basic is there an unbelieveble talented young guitar player who plays with his heart and it was nice to saw him rather comfortable moving on the stage concentrated, and so much energetic guitar playing.

Only one question I got after seeing Katona Tommy playing several times and now seeing Jeremy played as he did. Who will put these two guys on a stage together? Really, that is something to look foreward to... and I think it is not impossible... we'll see...someday...

They ended their show with Hendrix Voodoo Chile and it was smashing.

Thanks Jeremy and your band for a show which was exellent!!

Burney for Csilla

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