Hoogland, Holland de Noot


John Lee Hooker Jr

When I got the announcement of the concert of John Lee Hooker Jr in my favourite Blues pub called de Noot - I did not know what to think of it. I did not know any music of him and thought perhaps he was a man who takes advances off the famous name of his father. My curiousity won... and on my way to the concert I still did not heard on song from him. So, it would be a total surprise in all...

Atmosphere in the Blues pub was great already before the concert and some later than planned the band came on stage and started to play the intro... which was already a delight for my ears. JOHN LEE HOOKER JR came on the stage and with his powerful voice (a gift from his father?) he already set the tone. I knew right away this will be great evening.

I was right in that. Really not participating on his father's name. Many own songs and the guy has not only a "golden" voice - he is an first class entertainer... flirting, dancing, posing for pix... and the voice...

Before the break it was a mix between slow Blues and some more soul. After the break when the band played Mustang Sally the audience was lost and the participation of us all was really chickenskin time!! The band also deserves a big compliment. A very young guitarplayer made clear that there alway's will be new talents, so the Blues will never die!!

He played from the hart on his Fenders, was faboulus because he got the space to show us all what he was capable of.

The Drums where powerful and the fun the drummer had during this first European show of this tour (the only one in Holland!!) was very nice to see.

I only missed the powerful bass playing which makes this music so good. It was only rhythm played bass... the guy was not able to get it special for me...

The organ made the the sound complete, specially in the soul/Blues songs. He managed to produce some Horn sections out of his organ... it sounded really good like that.

At the end a "Homage" to Hooker Sr - Boom Boom was so powerful and again we all had to go with the song... Hooker Jr was so pleased with the whole atmosphere that he promised us to go to live in Holland next year and would buy "Alligator shoes of Wood" ...

Of course there was an encore of the band and after almost 3 hours we all where happy and I think Mr John Lee Hooker Jr the most.

Afterwards he was willing to pose with everybody, signed cd's, concerttickets... and his big smile said everything... It is not the first time an artist feels like that in that "Magical" Blues pub... somehowe it is magic there...

Burney for Csilla

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