Szombathely, Hungary, Airport field


Song about 2 Forint

After a long drive from Szigetvár with my Blues Brother Djughee and his Daughter Kata we arrived at a big grassfield some outside of Szombathely, where a big tent was where the concert would be.It was for me much sooner that originally was planned to see the band again, but again thanks to my Hungarian friends I was able to see and hear this great band again so soon after my first concert of P. Mobil.

Before the concert we talked some with the band members. It was nice to see that they took much time for their fans (400-500 people) to get on the pictures with them and to talk with them. It was all very relaxed and the fans where very happy with the attention they got from the bandmembers. Djughees Pálinka was tasted, and they all agreed, it was more than OK.

Before the concert in the big tent the audience was some impatienced. They kept screaming Mooooooooooobil... After some waiting the bandintro was heard they filled the stage with their appearance. The music was right from the start powerful and Rockin'. Laurant was in some mood where he invited many fans to sing songs with the band on the stage. Some did not so worse in that...

I was standing again opposite Egon. It was so nice to see him busy with his Fender bass and the sound...amazing...and raw...more than fantastic.

Next to my Friend Djughee was a little guy standing with his fingers up, screaming and enjoying the concert just as every other rocker in the audience till Rudan Joe took him by his neck and put him on the stage. They lowered the microphone and asked the little boy to sing "Kétforintos dal". After a few nervous moments he started to sing with the help of Rudan Joe and Laurant Schuster...and he did sing!!

Really it was nice to see the boy with the two Rockers on the stage. Holding the Big Forint with Laurant and after the song when the band started to play another song he left the stage but not after taking all the two forint coins from the stage... :)

A highlight it was on the concert where the audience was rockin, and for myself it was again a date with a Smashing Rockband with only the feeling in it that it ended to soon for me. But the saying is...when having a really good time. Time goes much to fast...

The night drive together with my Hungarian Friends took some hours but it was worth it and I want to thank them for their patience with me...and for all they did again for me in Hungary...from the Heart...

P. Mobil Band...Thanks again and I hope to see and hear you again in Pecs in Summer!

Burney for Csilla

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