Hoogland, Holland de Noot


Julian Sas Band

The ideal combination: my favourite Blues Cafe and my favourite Band - de Noot and The Julian Sas Band . Something to look foreward too, which I did, and some late I arrived there, but in time to get some feeling in the place before the concert started. When the 3 Dutch Blues/Rockers entered the stage and prepared themselfs, I was ready for a Wonderful happening.

It started with 'Ressurection', ofcourse stretched, and Julian's Black Gibson was singing already, the tone was set. Blues time!

The second song is one of the new ones, called 'Funky News'. It is a real Blues tempo, in which the balance was perfect, vocals and playing was awsome. Chickenskin already after two songs, waaaauw!!!

'Home Feeling' was next, and Teny made it with his bass joly and cheerfull, with there a steady Rob behind him, and the nice rythm of that song made everybody cheerful in it.

'Ain't no Change' followed, and Julian makes this song better every time I hear it, also stretched than the original version, but it is so catchie like they play it now, and for me they could have played that tune longer.

'Sailin into the unknown' - what to say ... also a new Sas composition, with a rythm takes you into an athmosphere of lightning. Beautiful lyrics and a 'guitarlick' so beautiful. I closed my eyes and just let it flow over and in me ... incredible song!

Then Boogie time!! An old Sas song in a new coat, with a Boogie rythm so my Happy Feet were moving, impossible to stand still ... Waaauw!! The rhythm section was so steady as a Rock in that song, Boogie train in optimal form!! Slide on the Firebird like that is a trip into Boogieland!!

Followed by another slide song called 'Roll on' different rhythm but very nice.

Last song before the break the sensitive 'Burning soul'. Nice to see how Julian dived into this song, with a deeper feeling in it for him.

After the break a new song started the show, 'The Way It Goes' the good way if you ask me, another jewel to his guitarneck ... followed by another new composition called 'Can't Settle Down' , and if you hear the different rythms in that song, you can imagne the title, it brings you on different stages as a listener ...

Then an explosion - 'Sugarcup Boogie' and, as always, a new variant, they improvise in that song everything and more is possible around the basic rythm. In the middle part they let it go, and jamming everywhere, with Tenny and Rob on their best in keeping the rythm for Julian. The "Paks variant" was in it sawell, and after Julian counted it out it ended in the basic rythm time for something slow, Sweat all over me, but a feeling!!!!

'Blues for J' to get some breath for his audience, he had mercy for us there ... what a wonderful slow Blues it is!

Then Tribute Time. First for Rory!! 'Take What I want' with Tenny pumping the rhythm, and Rob ... yeah Rob ... they call him the Animal ... how fast can a man playes the drums .. he filled every hole in the song, and it was a pleasure to see him doing that.

'Voodoo Chile' for Jimi - a Sas variant .... what to say ... super!!

Last song 'The Devil Got My Number' full of energy, they played there hart out, and still that song at the end of such concert. So, they let the Devil out, and it was a final of a great concert!!

But ... yesssssssssssssssss, an encore!! Of course!! De Noot did not settled for less, and in Boogie style, with slide 'This time, my time' was played by Julian on a slide guitar which Rory also played on sometimes.

The Closing Boogie was nice, and after they left the stage I only had one thought: a pity such things must end ... but, at the other side? The next concert of the 3 Dutch Musketeers is something to look foreward to, and that feeling alone is already word waiting for ...

With a Bassplayer like Tenny Tahamata, and a drummer like Rob Heijne ... Julian may call himself a Lucky man ... and with those two behind him, he can give the best of himself to his audience, and believe me, that is not nothing ... it is a miracle! A man who can write such songs and play like he does ... So I hope he will never getting tired of playing the Blues.

Burney for Csilla