Waalwijk, de Tavenu


Julian Sas

In a nice atmosphere with all "die hard Sas fans" it was waiting for the Band to come on stage already between the fans a pleasure to be there. Many fans in Sas T-shirts and the moment of seeing each other again always is nice to meet and greet each other at the concerts of our Dutch Heroes of the Blues and Boogie.

They hit the stage and at once the audiance was in moving state because the opening with "Moving to Survive" was not only powerful but the band members let than already know that it would be serious energetic that evening. So we where warned by them and the naughty look of Julian and the "bendover" playing Tenny where on the warpath. The Animal behind his drumkit was smiling as usual.

"I Believe to my Soul was next. The feeling of that song is so intens ... the balance of their setlist was so good. The slow blues and boogies where spread in a way it kept us focust to the band so much. When Tenny opened "Junkie Blues" with a Bass solo on his 5 string bass, and the Firebird was singing ... it was really slideplaying as only few can do.

Highlight also was the "Blues for J" slow Blues. At the beginnig of the song many people where talking but after the explosion of Julian's guitar with the power of Rob behind him the last tones of the song were played in total silence.

Julian had the audience by the Balls. Rory's "Take what I want" was spectaculair. For one moment we did not knew if the smoke came from the smoke machine or it was Animal's Drumkit wich was on fire ... because he played so intens on that song. How fast can a man play on the drums...Tenny on the Fender P bass was pushing the speed to the limit and the mastro finished it with his guitarplaying of which Rory would have been proud of ... really ...

Ending with a loose Devil the audiance screamed for more, and we got it, because with the Telecaster on Julians neck, we knew they would let the "Bullfrog" out ... and they did ...

So, an evening with a masterclass in Blues and Boogies given by the 3 Dutch Musketeers of the Blues. It was more than a pleasure to be there.


Hungarian Blues lovers ... Be ware ... there is heavy Blues coming to You in Summer. A Blues Tornado called the JULIAN SAS BAND so, be ware ... Make sure to be there ... because before you know that tornado hits you ... and you got to move than ... to survive... so, be in Paks on the 7th of July!

Burney for Csilla